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Nantong Aoli Netting Industrial Co., Ltd. is located in mainland, one of 14 opencoastal cities-Nantong. It is awayfrom theShangh only 200 kilometers. the transporation is convenient.
The company had been established in 2006," Aoli" sign product used the high quality synthetic fiber raw material( nylon,polyethylene, polypropylene,polyester and so on)after the exquisite knitting, reorganized the manufacture to become earnestly. Has buckles, the size reliably accurate, the luster bright, the durable characteristic, the specification variety is complete. It is suitable for the fishery, the agriculture, the transportation, the construction, the movement and so on for various aspects needed.
Our company's main product includes: fishing net, sports net, agriculture net, the transporation used the net and so on.Product main selling to foreign market: for example: USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, Norway and Southeast Asia. It attacted overseas customer favor deeply.
For the product capacity:We have 3 machines for fully automatic wire drawing machine, the production capacity reach 9Ts/month, use HDPE5000s, the strength of monofilament: 5g/D, diameter of monofilament: 210D-3000D(DIA0.17mm-0.65mm),degree of draft: reach above 9times, color: add the percentage of color concentrate, in the same time also add UV531 model mixed with material, in order to make the color confirmed, the quality of monofilament reach the standard SC5005-1988.
We have R812 and R814 twisted machine 9sets. 2machines for N250, can produce 3-240ply, difference Z and S ways. The proportion of twist inner and outer:1.75:1. the production capacity reach 100Ts. The quality of twine can reach the standard SC5007-1985.
We have 5machines for knotted fishing net. 1 double knotted machine. Distance of shuttles: 9.5mm(1set), 12.7mm(3sets), 25.4mm(1set), 38.1mm(1set). Details as follows: Material: HDPE, nylon multifilament. Diameter of twine: 210D-600D/3ply-240ply. Mesh size: 16mm-500mm.Depth and Length based on customers request.
We have 2machines for knotless fishing net, single-bed 1machine, double-bed 1machine. Mainly: HDPE, Nylon multifilament, polyester and PP multifilament. Diameter of twine: DIA1mm-6mm, Mesh size: 10mm-200mm, Mesh shape: square and sexangle, 20Ts/moth(production capacity).
We have 5sets sewing machine used for cargo net, safety net, trampoline net. And also 2sets two needle sewing machine used for sports net.
We will select the international general method and your transaction. We develops decides the sign production, incoing sample prduction, expects and so on the trade form.
We are willing to cooperate sincerely with you.
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Fishing net:   Nylon PES knotless net | Nylon PES knotted net | PE Braided net | PE knotless net | PE knotted net
lndustrial net:   Building safety net | Cargo Net | Fence net | Trailer net
Sports net:   badminton net | baseball batting cage net | screen net and frame | golf barrier net | soccer net | tennis net | Volleyball net

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